[slurm-users] job priority keeping resources from being used?

c b breedthoughts.www at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 14:28:36 UTC 2019


Apologies for the weird subject line...I don't know how else to describe
what I'm seeing.

Suppose my cluster has machines with 8 cores each.  I have many large high
priority jobs that each require 6 cores, so each machine in my cluster runs
one of each of these jobs at a time.  However, I also have lots of small
jobs that each require one core, and these jobs have low priority so in my
queue they are behind all my large jobs.

In theory, these small jobs could slip in and run alongside the large jobs,
but I'm not seeing that happen.  So my machines have two cores sitting idle
when they could be doing work.  How do I configure slurm to run these jobs

thanks for any help.
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