[slurm-users] Node weight / Job Preemption

Mike Harvey harvey at bucknell.edu
Wed May 29 12:53:53 UTC 2019

I am relatively new to SLURM, and am having difficulty configuring our 
scheduling to behave as we'd like.

Partition based job preemption is configured as follows:


This has been working fine. However, we recently added an older server 
to the cluster, and tried to give it a higher weight than our other 
servers, with the intent that it would only used when resources on other 
lower-weighted nodes are unavailable. What seems to happen, though, is 
that a newly submitted job will preempt/suspend a lower-priority job on 
a lower-weighted node before running on the higher-weighted node. What 
we would like is for preemption to only occur when no resources are 

Is this possible?


Mike Harvey
Systems Administrator
Bucknell University
harvey at bucknell.edu <mailto:harvey at bucknell.edu>
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