[slurm-users] Checking RawUsage against GrpTRESMins

Jacob Chappell jacob.chappell at uky.edu
Tue May 28 15:38:23 UTC 2019

Hello all,

Is it possible in Slurm to check RawUsage against GrpTRESMins and prevent a
job from being submitted if the RawUsage exceeds the GrpTRESMins? My center
needs this feature for detailed accounting constraints. The RawUsage is
important to us because we weight certain resource types and want to bill
people appropriately (e.g., if you use 12 GB of RAM and 1 CPU you should be
billed for 2 CPUs).

I am thinking about implementing a custom Slurm accounting plugin, but
wanted to check to see if this feature existed already first. Or, perhaps
the feature is a work in progress and planned for a future release? Are
there any upcoming Slurm changes that might break such a plugin if a custom
implementation is necessary?

*Jacob D. Chappell, CSM*
*Research Computing Associate*
Research Computing | Research Computing Infrastructure
Information Technology Services | University of Kentucky
jacob.chappell at uky.edu
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