[slurm-users] Slurm Install on Remote System

Raymond Wan rwan.work at gmail.com
Sun May 26 04:23:57 UTC 2019

On 25/5/2019 7:37 PM, John Hearns wrote:
 > > On Sat, 25 May 2019 at 11:38, Priya Mishra
 > > <26priya11 at gmail.com <mailto:26priya11 at gmail.com>> wrote:
 > >
 > >     I am trying to install slurm on a remote system for
 > >     which I don't have root access.
 > >     After following the instructions on the official 
> OK, I am going to stick my neck out here.
> You say a 'remote system' - is this a single server? If it 
> is, for what purpose do you need Slurm?
> If you want to schedule some tasks to run one after the 
> other, simply start a screen session then put the takss into 
> a script.

Let me add to John's reply by saying you can then use a 
(user-level) cron job and/or the "at" command.  Or, create a 
pipeline using something like Snakemake (which is like a 

I'm not knowledgeable enough to know whether or not you'd 
(the OP) be successful, but even if you were, your system 
administrator might start asking why you are doing what 
you're doing.  :-)


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