[slurm-users] Updating slurm priority flags

david baker djbaker12 at gmail.com
Sat May 18 16:18:03 UTC 2019


I have a quick question regarding updating the priority flags in the
slurm.conf file. Currently I have the flag "small_relative_to_time" set.
I'm finding that that flag is washing out the job size priority weight
factor and I would like to experiment without it.

So when you remove that priority flag from the configuration should slurm
automatically update the job size priority weight factor for the existing
jobs? I am concerned that existing jobs will not have their priority
changed. Does anyone know how to make this sort of change without adversely
affecting the "dynamics" of existing and new jobs in the cluster? That is,
I don't want existing jobs to lose out cf new jobs re overall priority.

Your advice would be appreciated, please.

Best regards,
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