[slurm-users] Feature request: create a job id before job submission

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue May 7 08:05:09 UTC 2019


Some cluster sites need the creation of a workspace for the job in a scratch area before the actual job submission, and on the other hand they don't accept all characters as name of the workspace. Hence the plain job name often can't be used here.

sblank (with possible array size give) will return a job id, but this job is on hold and empty for now
workspace can be prepared now
scommit: use the job id returned by `sblank` as argument and submit the given job – only one time possible of course
squeue: output them as a new job state 'NA' – not jobscript assigned
configurable timeout: if there is no `scommit`in X minutes after an `sblank`, the reserved job id will be disregarded 

Would this be feasible? One could mimic this right now by submitting a job on hold (which points to a script), adjust the script with the returned job id, and release the job. But then one has many job scripts around which might be used in a later point in time and one might lose the overview of them. Even if "the submitted job with the resource requests" points to a job script in the created workspace area: the job would consist of two files then. Somehow like Condor does it IIRC.

-- Reuti

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