[slurm-users] strange resource allocation issue - thoughts?

Sharma, M D M.D.Sharma at exeter.ac.uk
Sat Mar 23 18:16:46 UTC 2019

Hi folks,

By default slurm allocates the whole node for a job (even if it specifically requested a single core). This is usually taken care of by adding SelectType=select/cons_res along with an appropriate parameter such as  SelectTypeParameters=CR_Core_Memory.

When testing the job submission and resource allocation, we can see things work as intended when using srun:

srun -N1 -n1 -p fxq --mem=1000 sleep 60 &

# A command as above, submitted 20 times would launch 20 jobs on a single 40 core node as intended.

However, if the same request is submitted via sbatch, the entire node gets into an "allocated" state and does not accept any other jobs until completion of the single core job.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour / have thoughts on a fix?

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