[slurm-users] Slurm doesn't call mpiexec or mpirun when run through a GUI app

Thomas M. Payerle payerle at umd.edu
Fri Mar 22 16:48:29 UTC 2019

Assuming the GUI produced script is as you indicated (I am not sure where
you got the script you showed, but if it is not the actual script used by a
job it might be worthwhile to examine the Command= file from scontrol show
job to verify), then the only thing that should be different from a GUI
submission and a manual submission is the submission environment.  Does the
manual submission work if you add --export=NONE to the sbatch command to
prevent the exporting of environment variables?  And maybe add a printenv
to the script to see what environment is in both cases.  Though I confess I
am unable to think of any reasonable environmental setting that might cause
the observed symptoms.

On Fri, Mar 22, 2019 at 11:23 AM Prentice Bisbal <pbisbal at pppl.gov> wrote:

> On 3/21/19 6:56 PM, Reuti wrote:
> > Am 21.03.2019 um 23:43 schrieb Prentice Bisbal:
> >
> >> Slurm-users,
> >>
> >> My users here have developed a GUI application which serves as a GUI
> interface to various physics codes they use. From this GUI, they can submit
> jobs to Slurm. On Tuesday, we upgraded Slurm from 18.08.5-2 to
> 18.08.6-2,and a user has reported a problem when submitting Slurm jobs
> through this GUI app that do not occur when the same sbatch script is
> submitted from sbatch on the command-line.
> >>
> >> […]
> >> When I replaced the mpirun command with an equivalent srun command,
> everything works as desired, so the user can get back to work and be
> productive.
> >>
> >> While srun is a suitable workaround, and is arguably the correct way to
> run an MPI job, I'd like to understand what is going on here. Any idea what
> is going wrong, or additional steps I can take to get more debug
> information?
> > Was an alias to `mpirun` introduced? It may cover the real application
> and even the `which mpirun` will return the correct value, but never be
> executed.
> >
> > $ type mpirun
> > $ alias mpirun
> >
> > may tell in the jobscript.
> >
> Unfortunately, the script is in tcsh, so the 'type' command doesn't work
> since,  it's a bash built-in function. I did use the 'alias' command to
> see all the defined aliases, and mpirun and mpiexec are not aliased. Any
> other ideas?
> Prentice

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