[slurm-users] Sharing a node with non-gres and gres jobs

Peter Steinbach steinbac at mpi-cbg.de
Thu Mar 21 09:30:49 UTC 2019

After more tests, the situation clears a bit.

If "COREs=0,1" (etc) is present in the `gres.conf` file, then one can 
inject gres jobs on a single core only by using 
`--gres-flags=disable-bindung` if a non-gres job is running the same node.

If "COREs=0,1" is NOT present in `gres.conf`. then any gres job can 
enter the node irrespective of the `--gres-flags`. At least this is what 
I observe on my simulated slurm 18.08.5 cluster.

The above mentioned behavior complies with the manpages of slurm. That 
is good.

The behavior is different on our real machine. I'll try to dig down why. 
But for now, we can consider this thread closed. Thanks to everyone for 
your help.

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