[slurm-users] weight setting not working

Eli V eliventer at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 12:21:07 UTC 2019

On Tue, Mar 12, 2019 at 1:14 AM Andy Leung Yin Sui <moliulay at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to slurm and want to use weight option to schedule the jobs.
> I have some machine with same hardware configuration with GPU cards. I
> use QoS to force user at least required 1 gpu gres when submitting
> jobs.
> The machine serve multiple partition.
> What I want is consume dedicated nodes first when schedule gpu_2h
> parition jobs by adding  weight settings.(e.g. schedule to GPU38/39
> rather than 36/37). However, the scheduler turns out not following the
> weight settings and schedule to 36/37 (e.g. srun -p gpu_2h).
> All the GPU node are idle and the billing are same, did I miss
> something? Was it some limitation if a nodes server multiple partition
> or consume GRES?  Please advise. Thank you very much.
> Below are the setting which may help.
> slurm.conf
> NodeName=gpu[36-37] Gres=gpu:titanxp:4  ThreadsPerCore=2 State=unknown
> Sockets=2  CPUs=40 CoresPerSocket=10 Weight=20
> NodeName=gpu[38-39] Gres=gpu:titanxp:4  ThreadsPerCore=2 State=unknown
> Sockets=2  CPUs=40 CoresPerSocket=10 Weight=1
> PartitionName=gpu_2h Nodes=gpu[36-39] Default=YES MaxTime=02:00:00
> DefaultTime=02:00:00 MaxNodes=1 State=UP AllowQos=GPU
> PartitionName=gpu_8h Nodes=gpu[31-37] MaxTime=08:00:00
> DefaultTime=08:00:00  MaxNodes=1 State=UP AllowQos=GPU
> # sinfo -N -O nodelist,partition,gres,weight
> NODELIST            PARTITION           GRES                WEIGHT
> gpu36               gpu_2h*             gpu:titanxp:4       20
> gpu36               gpu_8h              gpu:titanxp:4       20
> gpu37               gpu_2h*             gpu:titanxp:4       20
> gpu37               gpu_8h              gpu:titanxp:4       20
> gpu38               gpu_2h*             gpu:titanxp:4       1
> gpu39               gpu_2h*             gpu:titanxp:4       1

You didn't mention the version of slurm you are using. Weights are
known to be broken in early versions of 18.08. I think it was fixed in
18.08.04 put you'd have to go back and read the release message to

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