[slurm-users] Help with preemtion based on licenses

Eric Wittmayer eric at frescologic.com
Thu Jun 20 01:19:53 UTC 2019

Hi Slurm experts,

  I'm new to SLURM and could really use some help getting preemption


The limiting factor in our cluster is licenses and I want to have high and
low priority jobs where submitting a high priority job will preempt
(suspend) a low priority job if all the licenses are already in use.

Is this possible with SLURM currently?  

If so can someone provide example configuration settings?


If it isn't currently possible, could this be a feature included in the
current cons_tres work that is going on?

I've read through a bunch of the documentation and tried to do my due
diligence but haven't found a definitive answer.  



Eric W

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