[slurm-users] status of cloud nodes

nathan norton nathan at nanoservices.com.au
Tue Jun 18 08:33:05 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I am using slurm with a cloud provider it is all working a treat.

lets say i have 100 nodes all working fine and able to be scheduled, 
everything works fine.

$ srun -N100 hostname

works fine.

For some unknown reason after machines shut down for example over the 
weekend if no jobs get scheduled for an hour. The next time a job runs

$srun -N90 hostname

fails with:

"srun: Required node not available (down, drained or reserved)"

"srun: job JOBID queued and waiting for resources"

This is weird as no other jobs are running and i should be able to start 
up the nodes as requested.

Being 'cloud' type nodes if i run

$scontrol show node

only the up and working nodes are displayed and not the failed nodes. 
how do i get the failed nodes information?

if i stop all nodes and run below i can then start up all nodes again

scontrol update NodeName=node-1-100 State=DOWN Reason="undraining"
scontrol update NodeName=node-1-100 State=RESUME
scontrol: show node node

So that fixes it, but i want to figure out why nodes get into this state 
and how can i monitor it ? is there a command to get the status of CLOUD 

any help appreciated



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