[slurm-users] Sdiag: when does the counting of rpc start?

Marcelo Garcia Marcelo.Garcia at EMEA.NEC.COM
Wed Jun 12 19:35:46 UTC 2019


How to interpret the output of "sdiag"? For example:
[root at teta2 ~]# sdiag
sdiag output at Wed Jun 12 17:29:38 2019
Data since      Wed Jun 12 00:00:00 2019
Remote Procedure Call statistics by user
        mma204          (    2204) count:2512411 ave_time:95     total_time:240573978
        root            (       0) count:1289795 ave_time:789    total_time:1018833582
        mma002          (    1502) count:136005 ave_time:6034   total_time:820716039
        mma209          (    2209) count:71283  ave_time:4497   total_time:320623174

The count is since the "Data since" or is it since the slurmctld was restarted? Is there a reference of what those numbers should be? I mean, are them too high or are they normal? To someone new to slurm, the count for root or use "mma204" seem very high.

Thanks for your attention.

Best Regards


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