[slurm-users] Failed to launch jobs with mpirun after upgrading to Slurm 19.05

Levi Morrison levi_morrison at byu.edu
Thu Jun 6 17:15:59 UTC 2019

Slurm 19.05 removed support for `--cpu_bind`, which is what /all/ 
released versions of OpenMPI are using when they call into srun. This 
issue was fixed 24 days ago in [OpenMPI's git repo][1].

This means /all/ OpenMPI programs that end up calling `srun` on Slurm 
19.05 will fail.

This enormous amount of breakage for such a minor "gain" seems unwise. I 
think this [change][2] should be backed out and converted to a warning 
message to allow time for the OpenMPI changes to be backported, 
released, and adopted.

Levi Morrison
Brigham Young University


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