[slurm-users] Removing WCKey

Sam Gallop (NBI) sam.gallop at nbi.ac.uk
Thu Jun 6 10:24:27 UTC 2019


I'm having problems trying to remove a wckey associated with a user account. According to the documentation it should be simply a case of 'sacctmgr del user <USER> wckey=<WCKEY>' but when I try it doesn't seem to like it.

An example for a user called user1  ...
# sacctmgr add user user1 wckey=test1
WCKeys =
  U = user1     W = test1      C = devcluster
Would you like to commit changes? (You have 30 seconds to decide)
(N/y): y

# sacctmgr show wckeys where user=user1 format=wckey,user
     WCKey       User
---------- ----------
     test1      user1

# sacctmgr del user user1 wckey=test1
Unknown condition: wckey=test1
Use keyword 'set' to modify value

I've also tried 'sacctmgr del user user1 where wckey test1' but this removes the user and not just the wckey, which is a little over the top.

I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this, and managed to get it to work. I'm on Slurm 17.11.12.

Samuel Gallop
Computing infrastructure for Science
CiS Support & Development

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