[slurm-users] strigger on CG, completing state

Chris Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Sat Jun 1 05:09:01 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 28 May 2019 9:03:16 AM PDT Matthew BETTINGER wrote:

> We use triggers for the obvious alerts but is that a way to make a trigger
> for nodes stuck in CG (completing) state?  Some user jobs, mostly Julia
> notebook can get hung in completing state is the user kills the running job
> or cancels it with cntrl.  When this happens we can have many many nodes
> stuck in CG.  Slurm 17.02.6.  Thanks!

Are you using cgroups to control/constrain jobs?

17.02 is very old, now 19.05 is out only it and 18.08 are getting updates.

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