[slurm-users] what are DiskRead, DiskWrite fields measuring?

Burlen Loring bloring at lbl.gov
Sat Jul 20 16:29:00 UTC 2019


What specifically do the DiskRead, DiskWrite fields reported in sacct

Are these capturing data passing through POSIX read/write api?

For instance POSIX read/write API's are used with sockets communication as
well as disk based I/O. If these data are to be useful I need to understand
specifics of what data the numbers reported by sacct include, as it seems
to be more than just writes to disk based on numbers I see for my jobs.

I am also curious as to the origin of these data, are you harvesting this
information from data exposed in /proc file system by the kernel? or do you
get them some other way?

Thank you
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