[slurm-users] pam_slurm_adopt and memory constraints?

Christopher Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Wed Jul 17 23:59:06 UTC 2019

On 7/17/19 4:05 AM, Andy Georges wrote:

> Can you show what your /etc/pam.d/sshd looks like?

For us it's actually here:

# cat /etc/pam.d/common-account
# This file is autogenerated by pam-config. All changes
# will be overwritten.
# Account-related modules common to all services
# This file is included from other service-specific PAM config files,
# and should contain a list of the accountorization modules that define
# the central access policy for use on the system.  The default is to
# only deny service to users whose accounts are expired.
account    sufficient   pam_slurm_adopt.so
account    required     pam_access.so

accountorization - now there's a new word... :-/

Hope this helps!

All the best,
   Chris Samuel  :  http://www.csamuel.org/  :  Berkeley, CA, USA

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