[slurm-users] Give priority to specific server

Sean Crosby scrosby at unimelb.edu.au
Sun Jul 14 09:38:16 UTC 2019

What you're looking for is Weight - https://slurm.schedmd.com/slurm.conf.html

The priority of the node for scheduling purposes. All things being equal, jobs will be allocated the nodes with the lowest weight which satisfies their requirements. For example, a heterogeneous collection of nodes might be placed into a single partition for greater system utilization, responsiveness and capability. It would be preferable to allocate smaller memory nodes rather than larger memory nodes if either will satisfy a job's requirements. The units of weight are arbitrary, but larger weights should be assigned to nodes with more processors, memory, disk space, higher processor speed, etc. Note that if a job allocation request can not be satisfied using the nodes with the lowest weight, the set of nodes with the next lowest weight is added to the set of nodes under consideration for use (repeat as needed for higher weight values). If you absolutely want to minimize the number of higher weight nodes allocated to a job (at a cost of higher scheduling overhead), give each node a distinct Weight value and they will be added to the pool of nodes being considered for scheduling individually. The default value is 1.

Add Weight=1000 to the serv1 line, and serv2 should be given the job first.


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On Sun, 14 Jul 2019 at 18:41, Zohar Roe MLM <RZohar8 at iai.co.il<mailto:RZohar8 at iai.co.il>> wrote:

I am having two servers in my slurm.conf:
NodeName=serv1 NodeAddr= CPUs=4 RealMemory=256000 Features=test,workserv
NodeName=serv2 NodeAddr= CPUs=4 RealMemory=256000 Features=test,workserv

When I am sending a job with features "test", The server "serv1" always get the first job (even if I change to order in the slurm.conf).

Is there a way to give priority to "serv2" to be the first one who get a job?


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