[slurm-users] Substituions for "see META file" in slurm.spec file of 15.08.11-1 release

Brian Andrus toomuchit at gmail.com
Mon Jul 8 20:06:54 UTC 2019

Yours are probably simple enough:

Name: slurm
Version: 15.08.11
Release 1

which becomes slurm-15.08.11-1
You may see some issues with License and/or changelog as the format of 
SPEC files changed a little awhile back, so the latest rpmbuild may not 
like things.

However, I highly suggest you upgrade.. for so many reasons.

Brian Andrus

On 7/8/2019 12:49 PM, Pariksheet Nanda wrote:
> Hi SLURM devs,
> TL;DR: What magic incantations are needed to preprocess the slurm.spec 
> file in SLURM 15?
> Our cluster is currently running SLURM version 15.08.11.  We are 
> planning some downtime to upgrade to 17 and then to 19, and in 
> preparation for the upgrade I'm simulating the upgrade steps in 
> libvirt Vagrant VMs with Ansible playbooks.
> However the issue I'm running into is using the GitHub tarball [1] the 
> slurm.spec file has invalid entries:
> pan14001 at becat-pan ~/src/ansible-hpc-storrs $ vagrant ssh head1
> Last login: Thu Jun  6 14:00:18 2019 from
> [vagrant at head1 ~]$ sudo su -
> [root at head1 ~]# cd /tmp/
> [root at head1 tmp]# rpmbuild -ta ~/src/slurm-15-08-11-1.tar.gz
> error: line 89: Tag takes single token only: Name:    see META file
> [root at head1 tmp]# tar --strip-components=1 -xf 
> ~/src/slurm-15-08-11-1.tar.gz slurm-slurm-15-08-11-1/slurm.spec
> [root at head1 tmp]# grep -F META slurm.spec
> Name:    see META file
> Version: see META file
> Release: see META file
> [root at head1 tmp]#
> In the past when we installed SLURM we used the tarballs from the 
> slurm.schedmd.com <http://slurm.schedmd.com> website which behaved 
> differently.  But I see those tarballs have been removed due to the 
> security vulnerability (CVE-2018-10995); all versions of Slurm prior 
> to 17.02.11 or 17.11.7 are no longer available for download from the 
> SchedMD website.
> Presumably there is some preprocessing step to substitute the "see 
> META file" comments strings?  I'm not able to find any build 
> automation that processes the slurm.spec file.
> Pariksheet
> [1] https://github.com/SchedMD/slurm/archive/slurm-15-08-11-1.tar.gz
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