[slurm-users] Requirement to run longer jobs

David Baker D.J.Baker at soton.ac.uk
Fri Jul 5 08:19:42 UTC 2019


Thank you to everyone who replied to my email. I'll need to experiment and see how I get on.

Best regards,


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Hi Chris,

Chris Samuel <chris at csamuel.org> writes:

> On 3/7/19 8:49 am, David Baker wrote:
>> Does the above make sense or is it too complicated?
> [looks at our 14 partitions and 112 QOS's]
> Nope, that seems pretty simple.  We do much the same here.

Out of interest, how many partitions and QOSs would an average user
actually every use?

I'm coming from a very simple set-up which originally had just 3
partitions and 3 QOSs.  We have now gone up to 6 partitions and I'm
already worrying that it's getting too complicated 😅



Dr. Loris Bennett (Mr.)
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