[slurm-users] Different slurm.conf for master and nodes

Michael Gutteridge michael.gutteridge at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 15:30:16 UTC 2019


I don't know what version of Slurm you're using or how it may be different
from the one I'm using (18.05), but here's my understanding of memory
limits and what I'm seeing on our cluster.  The parameter
`JobAcctGatherParams=OverMemoryKill` controls whether a step is killed if
it goes over the requested memory.  Note that `NoOverMemoryKill` is
deprecated (at least in Slurm 18) as the default is that job accounting
won't kill steps that go over the limit.  We are using the default (so no
killing of job steps) and I've been able to verify this is the case.  There
is another parameter- `MemLimitEnforce`- default is no, and we're using the
default.  Again, I've run jobs with very small memory limits and have seen
that Slurm isn't killing jobs or steps even when the limit is exceeded.

I don't know what your setting for select type is- we're using `CR_CPU`, so
memory doesn't get calculated in job allocation.  The biggest bites for us
with this configuration is that- since jobs share nodes- we have relatively
frequent instances where jobs run into OOM conditions since we aren't using
cgroups.  I don't know about the long term sustainability of having
mismatched slurm.conf files.

So I'd check those settings and what your version of Slurm sets for
default.  I seem to be getting your desired behavior with those settings
and Slurm 18.  Hope this helps


On Sat, Feb 23, 2019 at 9:25 PM Aurélien Vallée <vallee.aurelien at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> I am in the situation where evaluating the precise memory consumption of
> jobs beforehand is pretty challenging. So I would like to create a “trust”
> system, meaning that the requested memory for jobs is taken into account
> for scheduling, but no action is taken if the job actually breach the limit
> once running on the node.
> I tried to use NoOverMemoryKill but it seems to work only for sbatch, not
> srun.
> So I ended up declaring memory as an un-consumable resource on the
> slurm.conf of nodes, but not on the master. This seems to work, but looks
> rather hackish (and slurm complains of the discrepancy in configuration)
> Is this a supported practice? Can it bite me later on? Is there a cleaner
> solution?
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