[slurm-users] Question on billing tres information from sacct, sshare, and scontrol

David Rhey drhey at umich.edu
Thu Feb 21 22:24:09 UTC 2019


I have a small vagrant setup I use for prototyping/testing various things.
Right now, it's running Slurm 18.08.4. I am noticing some differences for
the billing TRES in the output of various commands (notably that of sacct,
sshare, and scontrol show assoc).

On a freshly built cluster, therefore with no prior usage data, I run a
basic job to generate some usage data:

[vagrant at head vagrant]$ sshare -n -P -A drhey1 -o GrpTRESRaw

[vagrant at head vagrant]$ sshare -n -P -A drhey1 -o RawUsage

When I look at the same info within sacct I see:

[vagrant at head vagrant]$ sacct -X
     User        JobID    Account
AllocTRES    AllocGRES      ReqGRES    Elapsed ExitCode
--------- ------------ ----------
-------------------------------------------------- ------------
------------ ---------- --------
  vagrant 2                drhey1
billing=30,cpu=2,mem=600M,node=2                             00:02:00

Of note is that the billing TRES shows as being equal to 30 in sacct, but
50 in sshare. Something similar happens in scontrol show assoc:


Can anyone explain the difference in billing TRES value output between the
various commands? I have a couple of theories, and have been looking
through source code to try and understand a bit better. For context, I am
trying to understand what a job costs, and what usage for an account over a
span of say a month costs.

Any insight is most appreciated!

David Rhey
Advanced Research Computing - Technology Services
University of Michigan
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