[slurm-users] allocate last MPI-rank to an exclusive node?

Jing Gong gongjing at kth.se
Mon Feb 18 22:15:35 UTC 2019


I am just wondering if there are any srun flags to

allocate the last MPI-rank to an exclusive node, for example,

#SBATCH -N 3 # 3 nodes

#SBATCH --tasks-per-node=10

#SBATCH --cpu-per-task=1     # 10 MPI-rank per node

srun -n 21 ...   ./application    # MPI-rank 0-9 on node 0;  MPI-rank 10-19 on node 1; MPI-rank 20 on node 2 !?

For my case, the last MPI-rank is consider as master and it takes much memory. So it would be better if the last MPI-rank can be distributed on an exclusive node . I have tried all distribution patterns introduced in


but it seems to me that all patterns allocate MPI-rank equivalently into nodes.


Regards, Jing Gong
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