[slurm-users] Error in job_submit.lua conditional?

Prentice Bisbal pbisbal at pppl.gov
Wed Feb 13 16:04:04 UTC 2019

I managed to figure out why this conditional wasn't working: shortly 
before this conditional,  I had another conditional that checked for my 
user_id. If I was submitting a job, it would skip the rest of the 
job_submit.lua file. I had added this so I could test some new features 
out that would have been prevented by the rest of my job_submit script. 
I was so focused on this conditional, I wasn't looking only  a few lines 
above it...

Thanks to all of you who provided debugging suggestions. They helps. 
Once I was printing out and seeing the correct values for partition and 
user_id, I knew my problem had to be elsewhere.


On 2/4/19 5:27 PM, Prentice Bisbal wrote:
> Can anyone see an error in this conditional in my job_submit.lua?
>     if ( job_desc.user_id == 28922 or job_desc.user_id == 41266 ) and 
> ( job_desc.partition == 'general' or job_desc.partition == 
> 'interruptible' ) then
>         job_desc.qos = job_desc.partition
>         return slurm.SUCCESS
>     end
> I am one if those user id's but if I submit a job to partition 
> 'interruptible', without specifying a QOS, it still gets assigned to 
> the default QOS, which is 'general':
>  cat mpihello.sbatch
> #!/bin/bash
> #SBATCH -n 32
> #SBATCH -p interruptible
> #SBATCH -t 00:01:00
> #SBATCH -J mpihello
> #SBATCH -o mpihello-%j.out
> #SBATCH -e mpihello-%j.err
> #SBATCH --mail-type=ALL
> module load gcc/7.3.0
> module load openmpi/3.0.0
> srun --mpi=pmi2 ./mpihello
> $ scontrol show job 433953 | grep QOS
>    Priority=2512 Nice=0 Account=unix QOS=general
> The logic of that conditional seems pretty simple, and I'm using 
> similar compound conditionals throughout my job_submit.lua script. 
> Can't figure out where the mistake is in this one.

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