[slurm-users] Distinguishing Job Accounting vs Job Completion data?

E.M. Dragowsky dragowsky at case.edu
Tue Dec 17 21:31:56 UTC 2019

Greetings --

>From the Accounting and Resource Limits documentation, there is both the
suggestion to make use of both 'Job Accounting' and 'Job Completion' data.
There is also the following statement, in the Slurm JobComp Configuration:

If you are running with the accounting storage plugin, use of the job
> completion plugin is probably redundant.

The elastiSearch documentation similarly suggests that there may not be
much difference between 'accounting' and 'completion' data, it's more a
question of the use of the data after the fact. For 'accounting', typically
managed through slurmdbd, there are sacct and sstat commands to query the
data. For 'completion', there are more options for storing, sharing and
exploiting the data (e.g. elastisearch + kibana).

I would like to clarify:
-- what data is available via 'job accounting' and 'job completion'?
-- is the above (sketchy) summary consistent with the understanding of
experienced practitioners?
-- if relevant, which of the slurm documentation perhaps shed more light on
distinguishing between the 'accounting' and 'completion' data, and the
respective uses?


E.M. Dragowsky, Ph.D.
Research Computing -- UTech
Case Western Reserve University
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