[slurm-users] Two 19.05.4 build questions

Wiegand, Paul wiegand at ist.ucf.edu
Tue Dec 17 12:56:23 UTC 2019


We are upgrading from 18.x to 19.05.4, but the build process for us appears a bit different now.

1) There doesn't appear to be a 19.x OSU mvapich2 patch as there were for previous slurms.  Should we use the previous patch or not patch?

2) The acct_gather_profile_hdf5 plugin appears to configure correctly and even build correctly; however, it does not install into the slurm ./lib directory as it did in previous builds.  I've set the --with-hdf5 switch during config and pointed it to a correct instances of hdf5, and the configure experiences no errors that I see related to it.  It simply doesn't install.  I can copy the libs manually, but I didn't have to do that before.

Any thoughts?


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