[slurm-users] Partition question

Brian Andrus toomuchit at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 00:50:05 UTC 2019

There are numerous ways to get this functionality.

The simplest is probably to just have a separate partition that will 
only allow job times of 1 hour or less.

There are also options that would involve preemption of the longer jobs 
so the quicker ones could run, priorities, etc.

It all depends on what best suits the specific needs.

Brian Andrus

On 12/16/2019 2:29 PM, Ransom, Geoffrey M. wrote:
> Hello
>    I am looking into switching from Univa (sge) to slurm and am 
> figuring out how to implement some of our usage policy in slurm.
> We have a Univa queue which uses job classes and RQSes to limit jobs 
> with a run time over 4 hours to only half the available slots (CPU 
> cores) so some slots are always free for quick jobs. We don’t want all 
> of our resources tied up with multiweek jobs when someone has a batch 
> of 1 hour jobs to run.
> Is there a way to implement this in slurm? To have a partition which 
> will hold some CPU/GPU resources aside for jobs with a short runtime.
> What would be the preferred solution for this issue in a slurm world?
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