[slurm-users] NoInAddrAny and NodeAddr

Daniel Ahlin dah at pdc.kth.se
Mon Dec 9 17:26:08 UTC 2019


We would like to bind slurm to a specific address and thought


would be a good idea. However the manpage says:

"NoInAddrAny - Used to directly bind to the address of what the node 
resolves to instead of  binding  messages  to  any  address on the node 
which is the default. This option is for all daemons/clients except for 
the slurmctld."

Upon inspection of the source (19.05.4) I found that this is indeed seem 
to be the case. I.e. if you set this parameter the listening port is 
bound to the address returned by resolving the result of gethostname.

Is this really the most useful way of implementing this? Would it not 
make more sense for this option to bind to the NodeAddr if such is set? 
At the very least, would it not be reasonable to have that use-case as well?

Best regards,
Daniel Ahlin

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