[slurm-users] Converting from Univa(sge) to slurm

Ransom, Geoffrey M. Geoffrey.Ransom at jhuapl.edu
Thu Dec 5 21:14:09 UTC 2019

   We are testing out slurm with the intent of replacing Univa (sge based) in our environment. I was wondering if there was a guide mapping Univa/sge concepts to slurm concepts that would assist in converting our Univa usage/schedule policy into a slurm setup?

In particular, when using functional or fair share in Univa it starts with the assumption that it will try to evenly share the available slots among current users and modify that by the policy that is defined. Reading over the slurm documentation (And I still have more reading to do) it sounds like it starts with FIFO and then adjusts policy based on resource usage or billing depending on the setup. This is making it difficult for me to map the policy we have set up in Univa and described to our users to what I need to set up in slurm.

Is this a good place to ask for advice on setting up scheduler policy given a basic set of guidelines?

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