[slurm-users] Per-partition PreemptExemptTime?

Eric Berquist berquist at isi.edu
Tue Dec 3 20:45:34 UTC 2019

Hello all,

I’m trying to implement multiple “ephemeral” queues that allow general usage of project-specific hardware, but with preemption. One partition would wait a while before jobs are preempted, another where preemption occurs almost immediately, using a very short time to emulate a short grace period. (Other partitions with higher priorities would have preemption disabled and usage restricted.) An attempt follows:

PartitionName=scavenge  Nodes=gaia02,saga03                Default=YES MaxTime=12:00:00 State=UP PriorityTier=1 PreemptMode=REQUEUE PreemptExemptTime=0-0:00:30
PartitionName=ephemeral Nodes=gaia01,saga0[1-2],saga04                 MaxTime=12:00:00 State=UP PriorityTier=1 PreemptMode=REQUEUE PreemptExemptTime=0-1:00:00

However, this isn’t allowed. I’ve set the following at the main configuration level:


Is there another way to get this behavior?

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