[slurm-users] Submission without Scheduling

Lev Lafayette lev.lafayette at unimelb.edu.au
Mon Dec 2 22:29:06 UTC 2019

Hi Slurmers,

An idea that bouncing around our site at the moment is the possibility of jobs
being submitted without being scheduled, given that these are two separate

This would allow for jobs to be submitted into an outage window (for example)
and for the scheduler to work out where to put them in the queue once the
outage is complete.

Do others have a special arrangement for managing jobs during outages, apart
from "no arrangements, no jobs".

All the best,

Lev Lafayette, BA (Hons), GradCertTerAdEd (Murdoch), GradCertPM, MBA
(Tech Mngmnt) (Chifley)
Senior HPC Support and Training Officer +61383444193 +61432255208
Department of Infrastructure Services, University of Melbourne

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