[slurm-users] ANNOUNCE: A new showuserlimits tool for printing Slurm user resource limits and usage

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Wed Aug 21 09:16:33 UTC 2019

Dear Slurm users,

It is very useful to view Slurm a user's resource limits and current 
usage. For example, jobs may be blocked because some resource limit gets 
exceeded, and it is important to analyze why this occurs.

Several Slurm commands such as sshare and sacctmgr can print a number of 
user limits, and to a lesser extent the user's current usage, however, 
their capabilities are very limited.

The showuserlimits tool fills this need by inquiring the Slurm database 
about all available user and association limits and current usages. The 
amount of information in the database is quite extensive, so the 
showuserlimits tool allows filtering the data and print only the desired 
information.  An output example is:

$ showuserlimits -u xxx -l GrpTRESRunMins -s cpu
Association (User):
            ClusterName =        niflheim
                Account =        camdvip
               UserName =        xxx, current value or id = 1777
              Partition =        None, current value or id = Any partition
         GrpTRESRunMins =
                      cpu:       Limit = 7000000, current value = 2800752

The showuserlimits tool can be downloaded from:

The showuserlimits tool is used by the showjob command available from 
the scripts for managing jobs:

If you have comments or suggestions regarding these tools, please send 
me a mail.

Best regards,

Ole Holm Nielsen
PhD, Senior HPC Officer
Department of Physics, Technical University of Denmark

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