[slurm-users] Slurm 19.05 --workdir non existent?

Christopher Benjamin Coffey Chris.Coffey at nau.edu
Wed Aug 14 19:38:22 UTC 2019


It seems that --workdir= is no longer a valid option in batch jobs and srun in 19.05, and has been replaced by --chdir. I didn't see a change log about this, did I miss it? Going through the man pages it seems it hasn't existed for some time now actually! Maybe not since before 17.11 series. When did this happen?! I guess I'll have to write a jobsubmit rule to overwrite this in the meantime till we get users trained differently.

Anyone else notice this? I can't find this mentioned as a bug, or anything on the nets.


Christopher Coffey
High-Performance Computing
Northern Arizona University

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