[slurm-users] Getting information about AssocGrpCPUMinutesLimit for a job

Sarlo, Jeffrey S JSarlo at Central.UH.EDU
Wed Aug 7 18:47:28 UTC 2019

We had a job queued waiting for resources and when we changed the debug level, we were able to get the following in the slurmctld.log file.

[2019-08-02T10:03:47.347] debug2: JobId=804633 being held, the job is at or exceeds assoc 50(jeff/(null)/(null)) group max tres(cpu) minutes of 30000000 of which 1436396 are still available but request is for 1440000 (plus 0 already in use) tres minutes (request tres count 80)

We were then able to see that we just needed to lower the timelimit for the job a little.

Is there a way a user can get this same type of information for a job, without having to change the slurm debug level and then looking in a log file?


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