[slurm-users] Intel MPI startup

Michael Robbert mrobbert at mines.edu
Mon Apr 29 15:47:49 UTC 2019

I was curious what startup method other sites are using with Intel MPI?

According to the documentation srun with Slurm's PMI is the recommended 
way ( https://slurm.schedmd.com/mpi_guide.html#intel_srun ).

Intel has supposedly supported PMI-2 since their 2017 release and that 
is what SchedMD suggested we use in a recent bug report to them, but I 
found that it no longer works in Intel MPI 2019. I opened a bug report 
with Intel on what appears to be an undocumented regression and all I 
got after several back and forths was that PMI-2 is not supported in 
Intel MPI 2019. We are not a large site so I don't think that we're 
going to miss any features or performance gains from PMI-2, but I'm sure 
it'll become more important for us in the future and it probably 
important to some of the larger sites today so it got me wondering what 
are other sites doing and has anybody else noticed this regression?


Mike Robbert

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