[slurm-users] sacctmgr archive example

Lyn Gerner schedulerqueen at gmail.com
Tue Apr 23 18:15:20 UTC 2019

Hi Sven,

You'll probably be better served by switching your purge time units to
hours instead of months; this will provoke purging much smaller amounts of
data, much more frequently (once per hour instead of once per month). Also,
depending on your job throughput, and how long your DB has been storing
records, you might find even that smaller amount of purge activity too
impactful on DB performance. If that's the case, you could start, for
example, with the hours equivalent to 15 months (10800 hrs), and decrement
that value over a period of days down to your 12-month (8640 hrs) target.


On Mon, Apr 22, 2019 at 11:41 PM Sternberger, Sven <sven.sternberger at desy.de>

> Hello!
> I want to archive old parts of our Database, but I don't
> understand the paragraph "archive functionality" in the
> man-page from sacctmgr.
> I want to archive everything older than one year
> I guess I have to execute
> sacctmgr archive dump Directory=/foo Events Jobs Steps Suspend
> PurgeEventAfter=12month PurgeJobAfter=12month PurgeStepAfter=12month
> PurgeSuspendAfter=12month
> Is this correct?
> Best regards!
> Sven Sternberger
> System Engineer
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