[slurm-users] Job dispatching policy

Richard Randriatoamanana richard.randriatoamanana at ec-nantes.fr
Tue Apr 23 07:04:30 UTC 2019

Hi Mahmood,

Try the LBNL Node Health Check tool. Nodes which are determined to be "unhealthy" can be marked as down or offline so as to prevent jobs from being scheduled or run on them.


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> Le 23 avr. 2019 à 08:49, Mahmood Naderan <mahmood.nt at gmail.com> a écrit :
> Hi,
> How can I change the job distribution policy? Since some nodes are running non-slurm jobs, it seems that the dispatcher isn't aware of system load. Therefore, it assumes that the node is free.
> I want to change the policy based on the system load.
> Regards,
> Mahmood
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