[slurm-users] Scontrol update: invalid user id

Colas Rivière riviere at umdgrb.umd.edu
Mon Apr 15 22:18:32 UTC 2019

In addition, you can check why the node were set to drain with `scontrol 
show node <your node name> | grep Reason`.
The same information should also appear in the slurm controller logs 
(e.g. /var/log/slurm/slurmctld.log).


On 2019-04-15 18:03, Andy Riebs wrote:
> The "invalid user id" message suggests that you need to be running as 
> root (or possibly as the slurm user?) to update the node state.
> Run "slurmd -Dvv" as root on one of the compute nodes and it will show 
> you what it thinks is the socket/core/thread configuration.
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> Hi,
> We are doing a senior project involving the creation of a Pi Cluster.  
> We are using 7 Raspberry Pi B+'s in this cluster.
> When we use sinfo to look at the status of the nodes, they appear as 
> drained.  We also encountered a problem while trying to update the 
> state of the nodes.  When trying to use scontrol to update the nodes, 
> the get an error message: scontrol update: invalid user id.  We think 
> another reason that the nodes are drained is because of low 
> "resources". This has to do with the low socket*core*thread count, 
> which is the number of CPUs.  We have tried changing this number in 
> the configuration file but this reason still shows.
> We are unsure what the problem is regarding this issue. The 
> authentication method used is munge, and we think that slurm is indeed 
> using munge as the authentication type.
> If more information is needed, please let us know and we will provide 
> the required information.
> Thanks.

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