[slurm-users] disable-bindings disables counting of gres resources

Christopher Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Mon Apr 15 15:46:59 UTC 2019

On 4/15/19 8:15 AM, Peter Steinbach wrote:

> We had a feeling that cgroups might be more optimal. Could you point us 
> to documentation that suggests cgroups to be a requirement?

Oh it's not a requirement, just that without it there's nothing to stop 
a process using GPUs outside of its allocation other than hoping the 
user doesn't override the environment variables set and the code honours 

> No HT involved here at any point, neither on our cluster nor within the 
> dockerized slurm installation I was playing with.

OK, that's weird.

One thing I noticed looking at your bug report is the node reports:


no mentions of GPU's being allocated. Despite it also saying:


and your jobs saying:




That second one is extra odd, because there's no index there.

What's the Slurm version you're on?

All the best,
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