[slurm-users] Extreme long db upgrade 16.05.6 -> 17.11.3

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Fri Apr 5 08:59:39 UTC 2019

Hi Lech,

Thanks!  I added the 18.08 Release Notes reference to 

I've already upgraded from 17.11 to 18.08 without your patch, and this 
went smoothly as expected.  We upgraded from 17.02 to 17.11 last summer, 
also without any problems.  Testing the database upgrade on a test 
server is crucial as always, see suggestions in my Wiki page section 

Best regards,

On 4/5/19 10:27 AM, Lech Nieroda wrote:
> Hi Ole,
> your summary is correct as far as I can tell and will hopefully help some users.
> One thing I’d add is the remark from the 18.08 Release Notes ( https://github.com/SchedMD/slurm/blob/slurm-18.08/RELEASE_NOTES ), which adds mysql 5.5 to the list.
> They’ve mentioned that mysql 5.5 is the default for RHEL6 but it’s the default for RHEL7, isn’t it? Assuming that you use RHEL7/CentOS7 with mysql 5.5, have you checked how long your upgrade would take with the patch?
> Kind regards,
> Lech
> >>
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>> Am 05.04.2019 um 08:59 schrieb Ole Holm Nielsen <Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk>:
>> Hi Lech,
>> I've tried to summarize your work on the Slurm database upgrade patch in my Slurm Wiki page:
>> https://wiki.fysik.dtu.dk/niflheim/Slurm_installation#database-upgrade-from-slurm-17-02-and-older
>> Could you kindly check if my notes are correct and complete?  Hopefully this Wiki will also help others.
>> Best regards,
>> Ole
>> On 4/4/19 1:07 PM, Lech Nieroda wrote:
>>> That’s correct but let’s keep in mind that it only concerns the upgrade process and not production runtime which has certain implications.
>>> The affected database structures have been introduced in 17.11 and an upgrade affects only versions 17.02 or prior, it wouldn’t be a problem for users who have made a fresh install of 17.11 or newer.
>>> Furthermore, upgrades shouldn’t skip more than one release, as that would lead to loss of state files and other important information, so users probably won’t upgrade from 17.02 to 19.05 directly. If they’d do that then yes, the patch would be applicable for 19.x, it’s just less likely to occur.
>>> It’s most needed in 17.11 and 18.08 but won’t be included due to late stage in their lifecycle. An understandable decision.
>>> To sum it up, the issue affects those users who still have 17.02 or prior versions, use their distribution defaults for mysql/mariadb from RHEL6/CentOS6 and RHEL7/CentOS7, have millions of jobs in their database *and* would like to upgrade slurm without upgrading mysql.
>>> Those few unfortunate souls will perhaps find this thread and use the patch ;-)

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