[slurm-users] swap size

A andrealphus at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 15:31:51 MDT 2018

I have a single node slurm config on my workstation (18 cores, 256 gb ram,
40 Tb disk space). I recently just extended the array size to its current
config and am reconfiguring my LVM logical volumes.

I'm curious on people's thoughts on swap sizes for a node. Redhat these
days recommends up to 20% of ram size for swap size, but no less than 4 gb.

But......according to slurm faq;
"Suspending and resuming a job makes use of the SIGSTOP and SIGCONT signals
respectively, so swap and disk space should be sufficient to accommodate
all jobs allocated to a node, either running or suspended."

So I'm wondering if 20% is enough, or whether it should scale by the number
of single jobs I might be running at any one time. E.g. if I'm running 10
jobs that all use 20 gb of ram, and I suspend, should I need 200 gb of swap?

any thoughts?

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