[slurm-users] Slurm strigger configuration

Jodie H. Sprouse jhs43 at cornell.edu
Wed Sep 19 09:46:06 MDT 2018

Good morning.
I’m struggling with getting strigger working correctly.
My end goal sounds fairly simple: to get a mail notification if a node gets set into ‘drain’ mode.

The man page for strigger states it must be run by the set slurmuser which is slurm:
#  scontrol show config | grep SlurmUser
SlurmUser               = slurm(990)

# grep slurm /etc/passwd
slurm:x:990:984:SLURM resource manager:/etc/slurm:/sbin/nologin

I created the file per the man page (I’m first trying to get it to work if a node goes down after receiving “option —drain does not exist”):
# cat /usr/sbin/slurm_admin_notify

# Submit trigger for next event
 strigger --set --node --down \
# Notify administrator using by e-mail
/bin/mail OurSiteAdmin at OurEmailServer.edu<mailto:OurSiteAdmin at OurEmailServer.edu> -s NodesDown:$*
If I run manually, I receive:
slurm_set_trigger: Access/permission denied

If I add: “runuser -l slurm -c” in front  of the command strigger, I  receive:
This account is currently not available.

The man page also states: “Trigger events are not processed instantly, but a check is performed for trigger events on a periodic basis (currently every 15 seconds). “
This leads me to believe I am missing something possibly in my install for where is that 15 seconds set?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! How are folks accomplishing this?
Thank you!

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