[slurm-users] Users able to submit jobs when they don't exist

Tim Bishop tim-lists at bishnet.net
Fri Sep 14 05:45:36 MDT 2018

Hi all,

New member to the list, and we've only been using Slurm for a few
months. Everything is working well but I have some questions about user

Our setup is that users are managed via LDAP. They exist on all compute
nodes and on the submission node, but not on the controller (possibly an
oversight). I've seen two problems here;

1. squeue shows jobs running as "nobody". I'm thinking this might be
because users don't exist on the controller? Presumably there needs to
be a UID->name mapping happening.

2. We have users on the submission node (it's used for other things too)
that don't exist anywhere else within the Slurm cluster and they can
still submit jobs. I'd have expected them to fail because the user
doesn't exist, however they just run under the UID.

Old code [1] has a pwuid call which appears to generate a failure if a
user can't be found. But maybe this disappeared during some later

I have accounting set up but haven't dug much in to this. I've just read
through the recent thread "Create users" and it looks like I need to be
creating users within Slurm and then use AccountingStorageEnforce to
ensure only users that exist in the accounting database can run jobs.
Does that look like the right approach? There's some useful stuff in
that thread about automating user creation too.

Thanks for your input.


[1] - https://github.com/SchedMD/slurm/blob/5eea178ddad47c55007e32c08a89d89bd783ebad/src/slurmd/job.c#L108

Tim Bishop
PGP Key: 0x6C226B37FDF38D55

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