[slurm-users] Create users

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Wed Sep 12 12:15:32 MDT 2018

On 12-09-2018 18:21, Andre Torres wrote:
> I’m new to slurm and I’m confused regarding user creation. I have an 
> installation with 1 login node and 5 compute nodes. If I create a user 
> across all the nodes with the same uid and gid I can execute jobs but I 
> can’t understand the difference between user creation with “/useradd”/ 
> command and the “/sacctmgr”/ command
> sacctmgr create account name=test
> sacctmgr create user jdoe account=test
> Also, is there anyway of creating a user at login node and replicate to 
> the compute nodes ? What is the best practice for user creation ?

Perhaps you may find some useful hints about accounts in my Wiki page

We use some account management scripts which you can find here:


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