[slurm-users] Slurm on POWER9

Keith Ball bipcuds at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 15:46:14 MDT 2018

Hi All,

We have installed slurm 17.11.8 on IBM AC922 nodes (POWER9) that have 4
GPUs each, and are running RHEL 7.5-ALT. Physically, these are 2-socket
nodes, with each socket having 20 cores. Depending on SMT setting (SMT1,
SMT2, SMT4) there can be 40, 80, or 160 "processors/CPUs" virtually.

Some problems/oddities we have seen are:

1.) Slurm seems to be incapable of recognizing sockets/cores/threads on
these systems. If I am usign SMT2, for instance, this node definition will
throw errors:

    NodeName=c[1-12]  CoresPerSocket=20 RealMemory=583992 Sockets=2
ThreadsPerCore=2 Gres=gpu:4

while this line works (i.e. slurm thinks there all "virtual threads/CPUs"
are a single-core, single-thread socket):

    NodeName=c[1-12]  CoresPerSocket=1 RealMemory=583992 Sockets=80
ThreadsPerCore=1 Gres=gpu:4

If I am using SMT4, "Sockets=160" is accepted.

Anyone know if there is a way to get Slurm to recognize the true topology
for POWER nodes?

2.) Another concern is the gres.conf. Slurm seems to have trouble taking
processor ID's that are > "#Sockets". The true processor ID as given by
nvidia-smi topo -m output will range up to 159, and slurm doesn't like
this. Are we to use "Cores=" entries in gres.conf, and use the number of
the physical cores, instead of what nvidia-smi outputs?

3.) A related gres.conf question: there seems to be no documentation of
using "CPUs=" instead of "Cores=", yet I have seen several online examples
using "CPUs=" (and I myself have used it on an x86 system without issue).
Should one use "Cores" instead of "CPUs", when specifying binding to
specific GPUs?

Many Thanks,
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