[slurm-users] Can't find an address

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Wed Oct 24 16:58:59 MDT 2018

On Wed, 24 Oct 2018 at 22:56, Zohar Roe MLM <RZohar8 at iai.co.il> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a node that from some reason change state to "Down" evert few
> minutes.
> When I change it with scontrol to "resume" its ok until Down again.
> In the slurm server log I can see error:
> "agent/is_node_resp: node:myName1 RPC:REQUEST_PING : Can't find an
> address, check slurm.conf"
> Now, The error message seems kind of straight forward but I can't find the
> problem.
> * The node is up and answer to ping from the slurm server.
> * The slurm deamon on the node is up and running.
> * There isn't any error on the node itself.
> * There are more node, configure the same (except from the ip address)
> that are Ok.
> * running "scontrol update state=eesume nodename"myNode" fix the problem
> for a short time
> * restarting slurm deamon on node also fix this for a short time
> Any idea what more I can check to resolve this?

Here's a quick top of my head checklist:

Check that it's in /etc/hosts
Check the slurmd logs
Make sure there is enough disk space
Make sure that it's datetime is synchronized with the others


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