[slurm-users] Node selection bitmap

Ioannis Vardas vardas at ics.forth.gr
Tue Oct 23 09:05:07 MDT 2018


I am currently developing a resource selection plugin and I have noticed 
Slurm provides the selection plugin with a node bitmap.
The problem is that the bitmap provided is not consistent.

This means that depending on the number of tasks the bitmap provided 
might have
less nodes even if they are available.  For example if there are 30 
nodes available,
and the job has 20 tasks "--ntasks=20" Slurm will send a bitmap with 20 
nodes even
if the user sets "--nodes=1-30".

Is there any way for slurmctld to provide the selection plugin with a 
full node
bitmap excluding only the nodes are allocated to other jobs?

Thank you for your time,

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