[slurm-users] x11 forwarding not available?

Dave Botsch botsch at cnf.cornell.edu
Tue Oct 16 13:54:05 MDT 2018

So I got what I want working with RSA keys (and making sure to put the
public rsa key in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys) .

and of course that prolog statment in slurm.conf .

What I ended up doing was just created my own separate script analogous
to cluter-env to create the rsa keys. I'm trying not to stray too far
from the defaults to make upgrades easier.


On Tue, Oct 16, 2018 at 01:41:15PM -0600, Michael Jennings wrote:
> On Tuesday, 16 October 2018, at 09:30:13 (-0400),
> Dave Botsch wrote:
> > Hrm... it looks like the default install of OHPC went with DHA keys
> > instead:
> > 
> > .ssh]$ cat config 
> > # Added by Warewulf  2018-10-08
> > Host *
> >    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/cluster
> >    StrictHostKeyChecking=no
> > $ file cluster
> > cluster: PEM DSA private key
> That's not OHPC.  That's a (rather unfortunate) part of Warewulf
> called `cluster-env`, a tool used to seamlessly make passphrase-less
> SSH work within a cluster without admin/user intervention.  You can
> see the code here:
>   https://github.com/warewulf/warewulf3/blob/master/cluster/bin/cluster-env
> If you install the warewulf-cluster RPM, a script installed as
> /etc/profile.d/cluster-env.sh will run /usr/bin/cluster-env on each
> login (for sh/ksh/bash users...and an equivalent script is installed
> for csh/tcsh users).  See
> e.g. https://github.com/warewulf/warewulf3/blob/master/cluster/etc/cluster-env.sh
> for the stub script.
> The above version on GitHub has been updated to use RSA keys instead
> of DSA, but the *actually* correct solution, rather than forceably
> altering each user's SSH configuration and ~/.ssh/ contents, is to
> enable Host-based authentication for SSH in /etc/ssh/sshd_config (or
> GSSAPI authentication, or host-based certificates, or any of the other
> options available to have machines authenticate themselves so that
> users can move between cluster hosts seamlessly and securely).
> When that utility was written, DSA was the "state-of-the-art," and it
> unfortunately went untouched for a very long time.  The key type
> should not have been hard-coded with no way to permit site-specific
> configuration, but it was.  As I said, though, there are better ways
> to accomplish user auth between nodes without passphrases, and I
> recommend disabling `cluster-env` and using one of those alternatives
> instead.  (In fact, it's probably best to remove the entire
> warewulf-cluster RPM.  wwinit and wwfirstboot are similarly ancient
> tools in need of updating/replacement.)
> As for X11 forwarding/authentication, there is no easy/simple answer
> to why it won't work.  Lots of things need to be in sync for it to
> work, including xauth, xhost, $DISPLAY, firewall rules, etc., and
> there are numerous opportunities for minor misconfigurations to break
> the whole kit-and-kaboodle.  To troubleshoot, I recommend examining
> the values of $DISPLAY and the results of `xauth list` and `xhost`
> under both working and non-working conditions, and see if you can see
> a pattern.  Also make sure `ssh -Y` is being used all along the way,
> not just `ssh -X`.
> Our solution at LANL uses a 130-line PERL script that does proper
> NFS-based locking of the user's ~/.Xauthority file, forceably resets
> their $DISPLAY to the correct value, and adds the correct entry to
> ~/.Xauthority using `xauth add`.  Our experience has been that's the
> only way to correctly handle all cases.  (And no, unfortunately I
> can't share it, but it's not a difficult thing to write.)
> Michael
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