[slurm-users] x11 forwarding not available?

Rhian Resnick rresnick at fau.edu
Mon Oct 15 15:55:59 MDT 2018

Double check /etc/ssh/sshd_config allows X11 forwarding on the node as it is disable by default. (I think)

X11Forwarding yes

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Wanted to test X11 forwarding. X11 forwarding works as a normal user
just ssh'ing to a node and running xterm/etc.

With srun, however:

srun -n1 --pty --x11 xterm
srun: error: Unable to allocate resources: X11 forwarding not available

So, what am I missing?



srun --version
slurm 17.11.7

rpm -qa |grep slurm

David William Botsch
botsch at cnf.cornell.edu
David William Botsch
botsch at cnf.cornell.edu

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